My First Makeup GRWM

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So I’ve been putting off these makeup GRWM videos for a while and I’m not really sure why. I’ve been really nervous to that they won’t be good enough, or more that I actually suck at doing makeup and nobody would like the videos or benefit from them.

But I love makeup. I love all the pretty colors and experimenting with them. I love finding new makeup and skincare products to try. And I’m having so much fun making Youtube videos. So I just needed to film a video and post it.

Another problem has been finding a good place to film. We live in an apartment and there’s not a ton of space in here. I have a desk but I don’t have an office with space for filming. I have a makeup desk too but neither places is in a great location for filming (the window and natural light are behind me). This one isn’t the greatest because it’s done in the kitchen. And it was my first time really doing winged eyeliner (and I think it came out pretty okay).

But it’s up! And I’d love it if you gave my video a thumbs up (if you like it), shared any suggestions or tips, any makeup products I have to try, and followed my YouTube channel! I definitely plan to upload videos more regularly and I have some awesome ideas for videos! I have some clothing/fashion hauls, beauty products hauls, beauty reviews, and other makeup looks planned. The first one is out of the way and that one is always the hardest.

My First Makeup GRWM

Products used in the video:

All products are listed as clickable links

Benefit Porefessional Face Primer

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Brush

See my review of the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation here!

Nyx Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

Smashbox Contour

Maybelline Lash-Sensational Mascara

Maybelline Line Stiletto Eyeliner

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in It’s Happening!

Reading Lately August

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I really struggled with reading this month, but it’s time again for our Reading Lately linkup! Join Alison, Michelle, and I as we come together and review the books we’ve read in the last month. We’d love for you to link up with us (you can find the linkup at the bottom). I went to Alaska this month (see my guide to visiting Fairbanks here) and my sleep schedule was completely backwards after our red-eye flight home which was just exhausting so that’s my excuse for not reading enough. School also started again so I’ve been busy doing homework/reading for school!

The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore
c/o NetGalley

This historical thriller follows Paul Cravath, a young inexperienced lawyer in Manhattan, who somehow lands George Westinghouse as his client. George Westinghouse is in a patent battle with Thomas Edison over the lightbulb.

I’m not sure I would call this a thriller really, it starts out pretty slow. I am interested in historical novels so I kept reading and it does pick up, but it wasn’t really a page turning thriller. It definitely gets really interesting, especially if you don’t know a lot about the subject. This story is based on actual events, so it’s definitely an interesting read. I don’t want to give away any spoilers!

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

I had to read this for one of my classes and I had never read it before. This book is considered by many to be the first science fiction novel. Victor Frankenstein creates and gives an unliving monster life. His disgust for the monster and his actions send him into a downward spiral of depression and madness.

The book was quite different from what I expected, but also very good. Again I don’t want to give away any spoilers if you’ve never read the book! A few parts were kind of slow and drawn on for so long. But I still enjoyed the book!

Apparently it’s free on Kindle by Amazon here. I wish I had known that before buying the hard copy for class! -face palm-

I’m also really torn on the new Harry Potter book. I’ve seen several people say that it was not what they expected, it felt more like fan fiction, and they hated it. There’s a part of me that wants to read it to see what the future holds for everyone, but then I don’t want it to ruin Harry Potter for me. Have you read this? What are your thoughts? What else have you read this month! Don’t forget to join our reading lately linkup 🙂

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Reading Lately

A Guide to Visiting Fairbanks, Alaska

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Alaska has always been high on my list of places to visit. And a few weeks ago I got the chance to go! One of my best friends was getting married in Fairbanks, Alaska and asked me to be a bridesmaid. We all flew out a few days before the wedding to experience and explore Alaska. This trip really sparked my desire to travel more and explore the world.

A Guide to Visiting Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska is absolutely beautiful and I love all the outdoor activities. The overcast and rainy weather didn’t stop us from getting outdoors and adventuring. It actually made the hiking nicer, because we all probably would’ve been miserable had it been hot.

See the vlog from my trip to Fairbanks, Alaska here!

When to Visit Fairbanks:

This depends on what you want to do. Summer is a great time to visit Fairbanks (or Alaska in general) because it’s warmer and there’s more daylight. Being light most of the day totally plays tricks on you, but it’s pretty cool. I kept thinking it was five pm but really it was almost midnight.

A Guide to Visiting Fairbanks, Alaska

If you want to see Aurora Borealis (the Northern lights) you won’t be able to see them during the summer months. I guess a few people saw them from the plane as they were landing in Fairbanks in the middle of the night. But obviously the darker winter months, October to April, will be better for seeing them. Our cab driver told us that March was a great time to visit because it’s starting to warm up and you can still see the Northern lights. Certain activities like dog sledding are also only available in the winter months.

Where to Stay in Fairbanks:

Hampton Inn & Suites Fairbanks by Hilton: We stayed at the Hilton and it was really nice. The hotel is beautiful, our room was large and the bed was really comfortable. They offered a complimentary breakfast but we never took advantage of it because stayed up too late and slept in. I had to sign a notice to not leave money or anything valuable in our room and that the hotel provided a safe in the lobby which worried me so we just kept our Do Not Disturb sign on the door the entire trip. They do offer a free shuttle to and from the airport but they weren’t running it the weekend we were there. A cab ride to the airport is about $25.
Rivers Edge Resort: I had initially booked us a lakeside cottage but it was a little out of our budget. It looks beautiful, each cottage is detached and has their own private deck with a view of the Chena River.
Springhill Suites Fairbanks by Marriott: There’s also a Marriott in Fairbanks but it was full so I’m not sure how the price would compare to the other hotels.
Bridgewater Hotel: We met some friends here one morning to carpool out to Denali. It’s a really cute hotel in downtown Fairbanks. But I did overhear some people talking about items from their rooms going missing.
AirBNB: Several of my friends opted to stay at AirBNB’s which is a great, affordable option. One couple had a room in someone’s house which I think would be a little weird. We stayed out until almost three am most nights and I would feel guilty coming home late to someones house. I wouldn’t want to worry about that while on vacation.

More resorts to stay at are listed on the website here, I selected the ones which we considered staying at and the one we actually stayed at.

How to Get Around Fairbanks:

You can get around by taxi pretty easily but it adds up quickly, especially if you are planning on leaving downtown Fairbanks. My friend lives about a half hour outside of downtown Fairbanks so a cab ride is about $50-60 to or from the hotel. We also drove to a lot of places to hike and explore, so a car was necessary. Initially we planned to carpool with others but we hated relying on people for rides and felt like we were mooching.

Where to Eat in Fairbanks:

Shogun’s Hibachi: We went to dinner here one night and it was really fun! They cook all the food in front of you and the cooks were hilarious. The chefs were hilarious and the food was great!
Alaska Salmon Bake Restaurant at Pioneer Park: Everyone ate dinner here the night we were flying up so unfortunately we didn’t get to go. But apparently we missed out because they said the food was absolutely amazing!
The Pump House: Fine dining with outside deck and great brunch.
Chena’s Alaskan Grill: Fine dining with outside deck, this restaurant is located by the Rivers Edge Resort.
49th State Brewing Company: This is actually outside of Fairbanks, but worth the trip! The food and beer are great, and well deserved after hiking in Denali National Park. There’s also a replica of the Christopher McCandless bus outside.
Banks Alehouse: Sports bar and restaurant
Silver Gulch Restaurant: “America’s Northern Most Brewing Company” – pub and restaurant.
Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine: I’m not personally a fan of Thai food but my friend says it’s amazing! And it has 4 stars on Yelp.
Fuji Japanese: Sushi – I don’t personally eat much sushi because I’m allergic to shellfish (and found out eating sushi). So we never tried this place but my friend recommended it to everyone before we left for Alaska.

Things to Do in Fairbanks:

Antique car museum: Our cab drive told us this is a must see place when visiting Fairbanks. It’s on our list for next time since we didn’t have the time to go this trip!
Running Reindeer Ranch: Take a walk with the reindeer at running reindeer ranch! Make a reservation as this is their home.
Museum of the North: The same cab driver also told us that the Museum of the North, located on the UAF campus, is a really fascinating place to visit. Again we didn’t have time but we’re definitely adding it to the list for next time! For more information about the exhibits, hours, prices, etc. visit the Museum of the North site here!
Morris Thompson Cultural Center: Home of the Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tanana Chiefs Conference, and the Alaska Public Lands Information Center – these three organizations work together to educate residents and visitors about the history of Fairbanks.
Dog sledding: Learn about dog sledding, its history, and how to be a musher. Take the dogs out for a day trip or an overnight camping trip. Definitely research what exactly you want to do, but here are a few options to start: Black Spruce Dog Sledding, Sirius Sled Dogs, Paws For Adventure.
Northern Alaska Tour Company: Take a sight-seeing excursion of Fairbanks by ground or air.
Chena Hot Springs: The hot springs are a great place to relax and visit. There are a variety of activities, but we only visited the hot springs. Note: to swim in the outdoor natural adult lake, you must be 18+.

A Guide to Visiting Fairbanks, Alaska

Riverboat Discovery: Take a boat tour to see and discover the history of Interior Alaska.
Pioneer Air Museum: Discover the history of aviation in Alaska at the Pioneer Air Museum.
Denali ATV Tour: Choose from a variety of different guided ATV tours near Denali National Park. A great and fun way to experience the wilderness of Alaska.
North Pole & Santa Claus House: Located 15 miles SE of Fairbanks, Santa Claus House is a popular tourist destination.

Hiking in Fairbanks:

Denali National Park: Home to North America’s tallest peak, Mt. McKinley. While we didn’t hike Mt. McKinley, I wish we would have had more time to explore and hike the trails.
Angel Rocks: Definitely go on your way to the Chena Hot Springs, as it’s on the way there. You have the option to take the 3.5 mile loop or hike 8.3 miles (one way) to the Chena Hot Springs.

A Guide to Visiting Fairbanks, Alaska

Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary: These walking/hiking trails wind through a 75 acre forest with a variety of wildlife in the sanctuary.
Creamers Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge: Great for bird watching and wildlife viewing. Originally a dairy farm, the grain and fields provided the optimal habitat for waterfowl. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game manages the 2,000+ acre refuge and offers a network of nature trails and viewing platforms and towers.

A Guide to Visiting Fairbanks, Alaska
At the top of Mt. Healy in Denali National Park

So, who’s going back with me?!


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So You're Thinking About Visiting NewburyportHow to Deal With your Fear of Flying

How to Deal with your Fear of Flying

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I’m not sure when or where I developed my fear of flying, but it kept me from traveling. It gets so bad sometimes that it gives me anxiety. But I love exploring new places and cultures and I want to travel the world so I need to deal with it. I think it started when my parents got divorced and we stopped traveling.

A few years after their divorce I made plans to visit friends in New York. But the morning of my flight I was so nervous I couldn’t get on the plane. Although, watching Castaway the night before probably didn’t help. I think I was nervous about traveling alone and worried about navigating the airport and not getting lost. Registering me as an unaccompanied minor was never an option, or at least my parents never suggested it. My biggest fear of flying now is what if my anxiety gets so bad or what if I’m not feeling good and I’m stuck on a plane.

My brother suggested I talk to my doctor and tell him how my fear of flying is so debilitating that it prevents me from traveling. He said my doctor would likely prescribe me Valium but that doesn’t really solve my problem. I hate feeling out of it so I definitely don’t want to feel that way on a plane. I also don’t really like taking pills so I don’t know how I’d feel after taking Valium (no colonial women on the wing of the plane for me). So I learned to deal with my flight anxiety and fear of flying naturally.

How to Deal With your Fear of Flying

How to Deal With your Fear of Flying

Travel with someone
My anxiety isn’t nearly as bad when I travel with someone. Traveling with my boyfriend really helps me because I talk to him about how I’m feeling and it’s really just a comfort to have him there with me.

Choose your seat
I like sitting in the aisle seats because I feel less nervous for some reason. It’s nice to get up as I please without having to step over anyone and I like being able to extend my legs into the aisle a bit. I don’t get claustrophobic, but it helps to feel like I’m not trapped in by sitting in the aisle seat. Sometimes I like sitting in a window seat to look out the window and because it’s easier to sleep against the side of the plane. With most airlines you select your seats when you purchase your tickets. But some airlines, like Southwest, are first come first serve and you pick your seat based on your boarding order, so you either want to check as soon as you can (24 hours prior to boarding) or upgrade your ticket to board in an earlier group.

No matter what time my flight is, I try to sleep on the plane. I’m sure the Valium my brother suggested I take would help with that but I don’t want to go that route. If my flight is very early in the morning, I try to sleep less the night before so I can sleep on the plane. But I also like taking red-eye flights because they’re more relaxing and it’s easier to sleep. The plane is dark and it’s very quiet and calming. I bought this travel pillow so that I can actually sleep and not wake up with a sore neck. It works great except that Jeff keeps stealing it from me.

How to Deal With your Fear of Flying
My super awesome friends are boring and sleeping

Talk to the flight attendants
It can be helpful to let the flight attendants know you get nervous flying or you’re feeling a little anxious. They might be able check in on you a little more throughout the flight to make sure you’re comfortable.

Bring work
Keeping my brain occupied is a great way to take my mind off my anxiety as well as pass the time on the plane. I’m actually writing and working on this post as I’m on a plane. It’s a great way to distract yourself and pass time.

Listen to music
Another great idea is to listen to music. I like having several different playlists for whatever mood I’m in. Sometimes I opt for a more relaxing playlist, especially if I’m taking a red-eye flight. But other times I’m in the mood to rock out.

Have a drink
A lot of people probably disagree with this because drinking dehydrates you and it’s important to stay hydrated, especially while flying. It’s a really bad idea to land in a foreign city or country totally wasted (you make yourself a target for getting robbed). But I do like to have a drink before boarding or at the beginning of the flight. It helps take the edge off and it usually helps me fall asleep. Ever heard of liquid courage? Yup, it totally helps my nerves.

How to Deal With your Fear of Flying
Drinks first then picking out a movie. Priorities.

Entertain yourself
Many airlines have personal TV’s at each seat which is a really great way to entertain and distract yourself. Virgin America and Delta have a great selection of channels and shows available for you to watch (I’m sure other airlines do as well but I have only traveled on these recently)! Southwest also has an app (Onboard Player) that you download and use to watch live tv or TV shows. Jeff and I bought an iLuv splitter so we can watch together on my iPad.

NOTE: If you decide to use the Onboard Player app when flying Southwest, make sure you download the app before you go to the airport. I couldn’t download the app at the airport or on the plane, even after paying for the WiFi.

I also like to bring puzzle books (crosswords, sudoku, etc.) for entertainment but I usually give up when I can’t figure out the crossword clues. I love reading (check out my Reading Lately linkups for recommendations), especially when I’m flying because there is a lot of time to kill. It’s the perfect time to catch up on my reading! I prefer to take a Kindle or iPad on the plane because I can take multiple books and games without taking up a ton of carry on space.

Accept your anxiety
I find it really helpful to acknowledge my anxiety and fears. I mentally talk myself through them by reminding myself that I’m nervous and that everything is going to be okay. Accepting that I have a fear of flying rather than pretending it’s not there helps me relax.

Pack early
Nothing stresses me out more than rushing around last minute trying to make sure we aren’t forgetting anything. I know that we can buy and replace almost anything we forget, but I think that’s just a hassle. And I don’t want to spend the money if I don’t have to. I end up stressed out because I’m the one rushing around doing the packing for the both of us. Stressing out increases my anxiety because I work myself up and worry about forgetting stuff. Creating a packing list helps make sure we don’t forget anything.

Travel more
Sometimes you just need to face your fears. The more you expose yourself to it, hopefully flying becomes a more normal experience. Try planning some trips to places you really want to go and keep them in mind when you start to feel anxious. For example, I wasn’t nervous about our trip to Alaska because we planned so many fun activities and adventures that I looked forward to it.

How to Deal With your Fear of Flying

Do you struggle with flight anxiety? What are some ways you deal with your fear of flying?

Reading Lately July

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you if you buy from one of the product links, I’ll earn a small commission which helps this site run. See full disclosure here.

Sorry for the late post, I must have accidentally not clicked schedule before I left for Alaska where I currently am. We’ve been busy hiking and exploring (check out my Instagram and follow me on snapchat at Kittykittylala to watch my adventures!) Anyways, I read some pretty good books last month! Most of the books I read were provided free for review from NetGalley because I had a pretty big to-read list. I didn’t even get any reading done for the Book Challenge 5.0! Anyways I won’t bother you with my rambling, check out my reading lately book reviews below and let me know which one you’re most interested in!

Reading Lately July

Holes by Louis Sachar

I know I know, this is a book that everyone seems to have read in middle school, but I never had to. In my Young Adult Literature class in the first half of the summer, we had to read two books of our choice and this was one.

I really enjoyed this book, it’s a great example of Young Adult Literature. Stanley Yelnats (love that his last name is Stanley backwards) gets sent to a juvenile detention camp after being wrongfully convicted of a crime. No one believed his story when he said he was innocent, and he was given the option of jail or camp.

Stanley and his family decide on camp, which is more like slave labor. He and the other campers wake up at 4:30 every morning to eat breakfast and start digging before the sun comes up. Shortly after arriving at camp, Stanley realizes that they aren’t just digging to build character — the Warden is looking for something.

Get Holes by Lois Sachar on Amazon here!

Arrowood by Laura McHugh
c/o NetGalley

This was an interesting story and perspective on missing children. Eight year old Arden Arrowood was watching her younger twin sisters when they disappeared from her families front lawn in Keokuk, a small crumbling town in southern Iowa. The investigations that followed their disappearance never answered any questions regarding the incident. Arden’s parents, unable to deal with life after tragedy, left the “Arrowood home” and moved around for years before divorcing.

Twenty years later Arden returns to Keokuk and moves back into her childhood house, which has been maintained in a trust set up by her grandparents. She befriends a cold-case investigator who helps her piece together the puzzle of the twins disappearance.

Arrowood leads you through different motives and possibilities as you try to uncover the mystery. It was definitely an interesting take on a child abduction/disappearance, but it just didn’t quite hold me. It took me a little longer to finish mostly because of traveling, but there were irrelevant details and descriptions thrown in that didn’t add to the story in any way. I’m pretty sure I remember learning in class that if you describe something in a story it better show up again? Maybe I’m making that up. Anyways, while some description is necessary to make you feel present in the story, there was definitely some that didn’t add to the story.

The story was definitely interesting and I wanted to find out what happened to the twins, but I wouldn’t call it a page turner. It was an interesting perspective on this kind of tragedy and life after it. I enjoyed reading it but there was just something missing in my opinion. The suspense didn’t feel as real, and I wonder if that’s because there are a lot of stereotypical elements of a scary story present – a seemingly haunted house, leaky pipes, fall and Halloween, etc.

Preorder Arrowood by Laura McHugh on Amazon here – available on August 9th!

Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton
c/o NetGalley

This novel tells two separate stories that ultimately meet. Augustine is an aging astronomer who has moved to the Arctic Circle to research the stars. Meanwhile, Sully is living aboard the Aether Space Shuttle that’s exploring Jupiter and it’s Jovian moons. Suddenly Earth goes quiet and neither Augustine nor the Aether crew have any communication with the world. Augustine knows little more about the circumstances leading to this silence than Sully and her crew mates. The reader gets no more insight about the catastrophic event than the characters know.

The interesting part of this novel is that it’s told in perspectives of two people who have already distanced themselves from the rest of the world. We learn their decisions to be where they are and their struggles with people and relationships. It was definitely an interesting take on end of the world, apocalyptic type of story.

Not knowing what is going on with the rest of the world is an interesting concept, it adds to to the fear and worry the characters feel. But I don’t like not knowing things so it was a little frustrating for me. If you don’t like unanswered questions, I wouldn’t recommend this book to you. I was left with a lot of questions and wanting to know what happened next.

The book did start a little slow for me, with a lot of descriptions. The book was actually filled with a lot of descriptions, but they grew on me and I enjoyed seeing the space station and the Arctic life. But it was a nice read, it really drew you in to the loneliness and emptiness the characters feel.

Preorder Good Morning, Midnight on Amazon here – available on August 9th!

Lights, Camera, Murder by Nikki Haverstock
c/o NetGalley

I was a little hesitant about this book, the description is interesting and I really like the cover, but it seemed very Real Housewives and I’ve never watched that. A director and her producer want to visit Melissa McBallister’s family ranch in Fishcreek Falls as a possible site for their upcoming reality show, Sexxy Socialites of Fishcreek Falls. Melissa is beautiful, witty, and comes from a wealthy family. She is an aspiring writer after her mother who is a successful and famous author, only Melissa is struggling with it. When a woman drops out of the show at the last minute, Melissa is offered the spot. She jumps at the chance hoping to find inspiration for writing and gain exposure.

When a castmate is murdered on set the accusations get thrown at Melissa. As she struggles to clear her name and solve the mystery, the drama in her life and on the show escalates.

I really enjoyed the book, probably because there it’s a mystery. But it is a lighter mystery and was fun to read. There were several parts that had me laughing out loud (and at really awkward points when my boyfriend was watching some sad parts in shows – oops). But there was so much more to the book than the murder mystery, there was a lot of cattiness and drama involved. I also felt like I could relate to Melissa and how she’s feeling about her life. The book was told in alternating perspectives between Melissa and the producer Ryan.

One thing that really bothered me about this book was the amount of talk of vomiting. There was a lot in the first few chapters and it really made my stomach turn. Not a super big deal but it was kind of gross.

But I noticed that the book says reality tv series 1, so I’m really hoping that means there’s a sequel. The ending leads me to believe there will be one as well, so I’m really excited about that. It’s a fun, easy-going murder mystery.

Buy Lights, Camera, Murder on Amazon here!

Reading Lately

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What have you been reading lately? What’s on your to-read list?

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you if you buy from one of the product links, I’ll earn a small commission which helps this site run. See full disclosure here.

I received samples of the vanish seamless finish foundation and foundation brush for review courtesy of Influenster. All opinions are 100% my own.

I received the Hourglass vanish seamless finish foundation (and the vanish seamless finish foundation brush) and wanted to share my first opinion on it. First, a little information about the foundation. One of the main points that stands out to me is that the Hourglass brand is cruelty free. It comes in 26 different shades and has double the amount of pigment compared to traditional foundations, providing the coverage of a concealer. It is also waterproof and long lasting with the fluidity of a liquid and the weightlessness of a powder.

Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation

The vanish seamless finish foundation is extremely convenient; it comes in this cute little lipstick looking tube. It goes on very easily and it felt lightweight while providing full coverage. It’s super pigmented so it’s a foundation and concealer in one. It essentially takes out a step of your make up routine! It’s also very easy for on the go application – sometimes my boyfriend rushes me out of the house and I have to do my makeup in the car, I’ve become a pro at it. But I’ve always ended up searching for something to wipe the foundation on the back of my hand off onto.

The vanish seamless finish foundation comes in 26 different shades, but of course I accidentally order a shade too light. But it is summer so it’s probably because I’m tanner than normal, so it will probably look great in the winter, if we ever get one in California. My face looked a little too even toned, probably because the foundation is very pigmented like concealer. So I needed to add some bronzer/contour to make my face look natural (which I had to do anyways because it’s too light).

Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation

I think the foundation being waterproof is the reason why it didn’t make my face look oily as the day went on or get messed up as I spilled water all over my face. Yes, that really happened. Water was everywhere.

My first impression is that I really like the vanish seamless finish foundation. This foundation is made for lazy people who want to speed up their morning routines or do their makeup on the go. It goes on very easily and made my skin look amazing. The area under my eyes looks bright and beautiful, I don’t need to add any additional concealer there. The foundation provides a very natural appearance despite being even toned (and a shade too light).

I went straight to the bathroom at the end of the day to see how the foundation had held up and it impressed me to see that my face did not look oily and my makeup still looked great.

Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation
Later that night, make up still looking great!

However, the foundation in a tube frustrated me after a few uses. The liquid based foundation is very soft so it sort of crumbles apart when you apply pressure to it. This doesn’t affect application of the makeup, just makes it smudge inside the tube. So now it gets on my hands whenever I twist the foundation stick. It’s just messy now. Some people complained that the samples they received had melted during shipping, probably again because of the liquid base. I feel like I used a lot of foundation with each application which isn’t really a good thing because you don’t get a lot of foundation.
Vanish Seamless Finish FoundationVanish Seamless Finish Foundation

Another thing to take note of! Several people who reviewed this foundation stated that it really sticks to and accentuates dry spots. I haven’t had this problem but I wanted to add it since I did see other reviews. And I want to give you as much information as I can!

I really like the vanish seamless finish foundation brush. The short, densely packed bristles help blend in the foundation and buff it out to a flawless finish. They are firm but also soft enough providing flexibility to get to all the areas on my face and really move the makeup around.

Thinking about doing a makeup routine/tutorial on Youtube using this foundation! In the mean time, what is your favorite foundation?! Or what are some other beauty products you’re loving that I need to try?

Visiting Beaverton, Oregon

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you if you buy from one of the product links, I’ll earn a small commission which helps this site run. See full disclosure here.

Ugh, I have been going crazy without blogging the past two weeks. I traveled with my boyfriend and the basketball team he coaches for tournaments in Beaverton, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois. Supervising ten teenage girls around the clock is exhausting. I have a whole new respect for teachers. The day we got home we picked up Callie from Jeff’s aunts house, got Togo’s on our way home, then fell asleep on the couch for several hours – waking up only to move to bed. Then we had so much unpacking, laundry, and house cleaning to take care of. I was also working really hard on the vlog of our trip which you can see on Youtube here!

Visiting Beaverton, Oregon

The first stop on our trip was Beaverton, Oregon. We stayed at the beautiful Courtyard by Marriott Portland-Beaverton which was conveniently located near several shopping centers. Apparently there is a train closeby because the hotel leaves complimentary ear plugs and sleepy time tea to help you sleep through the night, but I never heard the train nor woke up to it. There were ducks and geese all over the hotel lawns and it was pretty cool, they were very comfortable around people.

Visiting Beaverton, Oregon

There were some restaurants in the shopping center neighboring the hotel. Einstein Bros Bagels was a great option for breakfast despite the poor reviews on Yelp. It was clean, the staff extremely fast and friendly, and the food delicious. The girls kept wanting to go there as well so they must have thought it was pretty good too. There was also a Panda Express, Subway, and a cute little pizza place – Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizzeria.

We flew in on the 4th of July so we headed out for dinner and fireworks. We ate at the Oswego Grill, which was a nice, quiet restaurant in Lake Oswego. I felt a little out of place there with twenty obnoxious teenagers talking and laughing loudly and we were all dressed in workout clothes (thankfully we all got to shower after the flight). The food was pretty good but I felt like it wasn’t enough. I ordered the chicken alfredo oswego, it was tasty and aesthetically pleasing but there just wasn’t a lot of food on the plate.

Visiting Beaverton, Oregon

After dinner we watched fireworks at Lake Oswego. We lucked out finding parking spots for both vans and walked down to the lake. Lake Oswego is an absolutely beautiful area with large, gorgeous lake houses surrounded by trees.

The girls had early games so we took them to a grocery store to get stuff for breakfast. They ate in their rooms because we wouldn’t have time to take them to eat beforehand. It was nice because Jeff and I were able to sleep in or just not have to deal with needy teenagers yet.

We had to plan some activities for the girls during the downtime between games and before the older teams games. Being teenage girls, they just wanted to go to the mall so we took them to Clackamas Town Center two days in a row. I tried to tell Jeff that they probably shouldn’t be spending their food money on clothes but he didn’t have any other ideas. So we went to the mall. On the third day, we took them to the Woodburn Outlets. Different location but still a mall. At this point the girls weren’t even spending their money they were just walking around looking bored. The next time we had free time we decided to take them to SuperPlay which was a really nice bowling alley in Beaverton. There’s also a laser tag area there as well, but we didn’t get to play.

Jeff and I also got to go to the Nike Employee Store which was really exciting. The Employee Store has all the newest stuff AND it’s all fifty percent off. I’ll be filming a fashion haul this week for it!

Our last night in Beaverton, Jeff and I were able to meet up with one of my best friends who lives there. She came to dinner with us at Spaghetti Factory and after dropping the girls off at the hotel we went to her place to hang out and play with her kitties.

Visiting Beaverton, Oregon

Other information about Beaverton, Oregon:

Where to Stay in Beaverton:

Crowne Plaza Portland – Lake Oswego: We’ve never stayed here but we passed by as we drove around and it looks really nice.
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland – Beaverton
Hilton Garden Inn Portland/Beaverton

Places to Eat in Beaverton:

Tom’s Pancake House: We had a day where the girls didn’t play any games so we took them out to breakfast here and everyone loved it!
DeCarli: Italian food
Golden Valley Restaurant & Brewery: American/traditional, burgers, brewery

Things to Do in Beaverton:

Powell’s Books: If you love reading and book stores then you should definitely add this to your list. Take some time to relax and read while on vacation.
Explore outdoors: One thing we never got a chance to do was explore the beautiful outdoors of Oregon! I was hoping to get a chance to go hiking while we were in Beaverton but we were too busy with basketball games. And the one day we didn’t have any games it was pouring rain. Some options for hiking in Beaverton are the Tualatin Hills Nature Park and the Hyland Woods Natural Area (formerly Hyland Forest Park).

After Beaverton we went to Chicago, which will be another blog post. Have you ever been to Beaverton? What did you like best about being there?

Don’t forget to check out the vlog from our trip to Beaverton here and give it a thumbs up if you liked it!

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Weekend in Santa Barbara + My First Vlog

This past weekend I got to go on a little vacation to Santa Barbara with Jeff for his work. How can you say no to a free trip?! He coaches a basketball team so we did have to road trip down with ten teenage girls. They were surprisingly really entertaining and the drive there and back were not as bad as we expected. But I slept most of the way there and back, so that helped!

Weekend in Santa Barbara

We didn’t get to do as much fun stuff as I had hoped because we were busy with basketball stuff the majority of the time. But I expected that and it was a free trip so whatever. Just a little frustrating because I had planned to make my first vlog for the trip and I didn’t have a ton of great content. But I made the vlog anyways. I figured I just needed to do it to get experience editing videos as well as getting comfortable being on video.

I’ve always hated the way my voice has sounded, but I know it’s just me being weird. Plus I needed to just do it because now I know I can and they’re only going to get better from here! I’ve been meaning to post a video for a week or two now, but I’ve kept putting it off with some lame excuse.

But anyways, you can check out the vlog here – Travel Vlog: Weekend in Santa Barbara. Please no negative comments because I was super nervous about this whole thing – filming and editing and posting. It’s hard not to compare yourself with other gorgeous and successful vloggers and not feel self doubt or like you’re not good enough when you’re just starting out and have no idea what you’re doing. But it was a ton of fun and now that my first video is out of the way, I already feel more confident about my next ones!
Weekend in Santa BarbaraWeekend in Santa Barbara

Shirt: Closet Candy Boutique (only available in black)

The weather was perfect the entire weekend, it was a gorgeous weekend to be in Santa Barbara. The tournament was on the UCSB campus which was pretty cool to see. We actually stayed about ten minutes outside of Santa Barbara in Goleta. The Marriott we stayed at was absolutely gorgeous! There were two fire pits outside that Jeff and I sat around and just relaxed at night. One night we took the girls to eat at Habit Burger in downtown Santa Barbara so we could take the girls to the beach. Somehow we ended up facing the wrong way to watch the sun set! But we still had a gorgeous view and a ton of fun playing on the beach.

And as much as I loved going away for the weekend, I really missed being home. I missed my fur babies too much. I was surprised at how much I missed the healthy food I’ve been making at home.

But let me know what you think and what I can improve on or what other videos you’d like to see in the future in the comments here or on the video! Likes and subscribes are much appreciated 🙂

Reading Lately: June

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you if you click on one of the links, I’ll earn a small commission which helps this site run. See full disclosure here.

These reading lately link ups are probably my favorite time of the month. I love being able to share what I’ve been reading with you and seeing what you have been reading lately! And I love that I get to say I’m working when I’m reading 🙂

This month I was able to read several great books that I definitely recommend. I’m really excited for next month because Erin’s Book Challenge 5.0 starts on July 1st! It’s not too late to join if you’re interested! Follow me on Goodreads so you can see what I’ve been reading before these linkups and so we can find new books to read.

Reading Lately June

The Last One by Alexandra Oliva
c/o Netgalley

Wow. Just wow. I don’t normally want to jump to the end of the book to find out what happens first. My mom always read the last chapter or two and it made me so angry – why would you want to spoil the suspense and mystery of a story?! But I was seriously tempted to do just that reading this book. I wanted to get to the end to find out what was happening and what was going to happen but I couldn’t get there fast enough. Not in a “just let this book end please” kind of way, but a “it’s so good I have to know what’s happening this suspense is killing me” way. I couldn’t put this book down, and stayed up way too late to finish it.

A woman nicknamed “Zoo” goes on a reality tv survival show that’s designed to push people to their limits and find their breaking points. There are 12 contestants and they face group and solo challenges. It kind of reminds me of Survivor or Naked & Afraid (only because they’re in the wilderness – they’re not naked). While they’re filming the show, something happens and a plague wreaks havoc on society. The contestants are unaware of its occurrence, so as Zoo comes across this destruction she only assumes it is a part of the show.

The book is told in alternating perspectives, which at first I didn’t like because it seems that a lot of books are doing it now. But wow does it add to the suspense of this novel. In one perspective, Zoo is in the present, devastated world and the other is at the beginning of the challenge leading up to the present. In the present world, we learn more about why she decided to go on the show and watch her struggle with the decision to quit the show. She believes that the plague is all a part of the show, that all of the chaos she sees is just part of the game.

There are parts that are a bit too graphic for my taste, but it was very interesting to read about their survival in the wilderness. It also provided an interesting take on reality tv shows. But I feel like the book just sort of ends leaving me with questions and wanting to know more. What happens next? Why caused the plague? I got a little annoyed with Zoo because of her stubbornness or inability to discern the game show from the real world. Still, I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it!

Purchase The Last One on Amazon here

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

You should know by now that I am absolutely obsessed with the Jurassic Park franchise. I love all the movies, and have even dreamed about becoming a geologist or paleontologist. So I knew I just had to read this book. And it did not let me down.

The story is about John Hammond and the InGen Corporation creating a theme park/resort off the coast of Costa Rica. Hammond “spares no expense” in researching and creating his park featuring dinosaurs grown from preserved DNA.

The novel was quite different from the movie but just as intense and thrilling. Definitely a page turner, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in two days. And now I have to know what happens in the next book (even though I know what happens in the movie). Dr. Ian Malcom was definitely more confusing in the novel. The parts where he went into his scientific and mathematical explanations were slow and hard to understand. But I love Crichton’s writing and want to binge read all of his other books now!

Reading Lately June

Get Jurassic Park on Amazon here for 50% off!

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda
c/o Netgalley

This was an interesting book in several different aspects. It was told in a unique perspective that at first I thought was weird then I actually enjoyed because it added to the suspense and helped solve some of the mysteries. The book is told backwards, so it starts setting up the premise of the story and why a young woman returns home, then jumps two weeks to Day 15 where it starts going back, day by day, to the beginning. Back to day 1.

Nicolette (Nic) Farrell comes from a small town, which she left after her best friend Corinne disappeared. The case was never solved and Nic wanted something more than this small town, leaving behind all those close to her – her father, brother (Daniel), and friends Tyler, Jackson, and Bailey. She has returned only a handful of times to help with her sick father and for other important family matters.

When she receives a haunting letter from her father and a phone call from her brother saying their father isn’t doing well, she packs up as soon as she can and heads home to Cooley Ridge, North Carolina. She returns home and history repeats itself as another young girl, Annaleise Carter, is missing. Is there a connection between the two disappearances? As the story goes on, we dig through a web of lies and uncover the truth about what happened to Corinne ten years earlier and what’s happening to Annaleise now.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and it was very intriguing, I had to know what had happened and didn’t predict any of the twists. It read quite quickly but I was probably spending more time reading than I realized. The ending definitely surprised me and I actually found it a little weak which was a let down because the plot was interesting and the way it was told was extremely unique. I didn’t feel like I connected with the characters because they weren’t well developed but they were also horrible people. I wouldn’t say there were plot holes, but there were a few things that didn’t seem to add up. Overall, I enjoyed this book and would recommend it!

Purchase All the Missing Girls on Amazon here

As always, join our link up below so we can see what you’ve been reading lately! Have you read any of these books before? Have any suggestions for next month? Tell me in the comments 🙂

I’d also like to give a shoutout to Erin of TexErin-in-Sydneyland. Not only does she host a super fun Book Challenge, but she also posts pictures using the Reading Lately hashtag (#readinglately)! Is this not the most adorable picture of her fur baby cuddling with her while she reads?! Thank you for your support Erin!

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Spread the love and check out her blog, I love reading about her adventures in Australia (a place I’ve been dying to go).

My 2016 Summer Essentials

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you if you buy from one of the product links, I’ll earn a small commission which helps this site run. See full disclosure here.

It’s finally summer! It’s actually felt like summer in California for a while, but now it’s official. Summer to me means warm weather, tan lines, and lots of adventures! And we’re definitely starting summer here with the warm weather. And lots of planned adventures. I also have a ton of exciting plans for this blog! Hopefully you plan to get outdoors, go on some new adventures, and make the most out of the beautiful summer!

2016 Summer Essentials

My 2016 Summer Essentials

Bike: I love cruising around town on a bike, whether to run errands, exercise, or just get outside because it’s summer. I have an older bike that I’m not going to show you because it’s a little beat up, but I’ve been eyeing a new beach cruiser. Specifically this one from Amazon here! I love the touch of pink rather than an all pink bike.

Summer Dresses: I’m always hesitant to wear dresses because I like to run around and be wild, but summer dresses should be on your summer essentials list because you look chic and summery. Plus they are way more comfortable in the warm weather. I’d rather wear a summer dress than pants any day.

A few summer dresses I’m wanting: Closet Candy Dress / Closet Candy Maxi Dress / Free People Maxi Dress / Free People Dress / Jen’s Pirate Booty Maxi Dress

Reusable water bottle: I drink a lot of water, it’s pretty much all I drink. And it’s important to drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated during the warm summer months. I like being environmentally friendly so I use reusable water bottles and take them with me everywhere. I’m loving my new water bottle – it has times on the back to keep you motivated and drinking water throughout the day, but I never use that because I drink so much water anyways.

2016 Summer Essentials

Water bottle: Blogilates

A good book: Nothing is better than relaxing outside, or even inside, with a good book. And I love reading (see the reading lately linkups). Helene just posted a great list of 10 Books for Your Summer Reading List which has some books that have been on my to-read list for a while and some other new ones that I want to check out!

Great bathing suit: It’s the summer, and you’re going to need a great, adorable bathing suit. My all time favorite bathing suit I’ve ever purchased is this Mila Amerikini one I got from A’QUA Custom Swim. All their bikinis are handmade and it shows how much effort and love they put into their bikinis. The quality is amazing, it’s beautiful, and it has survived my running around and flipping into the lake (and to be perfectly honest, my drunken shenanigans).

2016 Summer EssentialsBikini: A’QUA Custom Swim

Playlist: Music is a definite must in your summer essentials list! It’s great to just drive around with the top down, or pretend to with the windows down if you also don’t have a convertible. But I like to imagine the wind blowing gracefully through my hair instead of tangling it in front of my face so I can’t see anything. Whether you have multiple playlists or just one for everything, you need to have one!

Cute sunglasses: We do a lot of outdoor activities so I like having a pair of inexpensive sunglasses in case they get banged up or lost. I found these Wayfarer’s and they’re super adorable and surprisingly have lasted me two years. I’m impressed that I haven’t lost them or broken them. Not for lack of trying though, I’ve definitely sat on them and gone swimming with them. But they’re cute and inexpensive. But I am in the market for a nicer pair of sunglasses that don’t go on my adventures with me — suggestions welcome 🙂

2016 Summer EssentialsSunglasses: Amazon / Sunscreen: Amazon

Sunscreen: I dislike the oily feel of most sunscreens and I’m not the biggest fan of the smell, but it’s so important to take care of your skin so it needs to be a part of your summer essentials! I typically use whatever sunscreen is on hand but I use this Revercel triple duty sunscreen SPF 45-50 for my face. It doesn’t have a strong smell and doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or greasy.

Sandals: I have a serious shoe obsession – and you can never have too many shoes. Living in California, I pretty much live in sandals year round. My favorite go-to sandals are Rainbows, my favorites are the ones with the rhinestones in the strap. They are perfect for anything casual or going to the lake/beach. But if I’m doing something a little more dressy I wear my Tory Burch sandals. They’re super adorable, dressy, and they go with everything! But they aren’t great for walking around all day as they don’t provide much spport.

Rainbows: Nordstrom or Tilly’s (currently 50% off – online exclusive!) / Tory Burch: Nordstrom

Workout outfit: A great workout outfit is essential for summer. With the nice weather there are so many ways to workout outdoors. It’s refreshing to get out of the gym, plus it’s important to keep working on your great body even though it’s already summer. Keep changing your goals as you reach them and set new, higher ones for yourself.

2016 Summer Essentials

Top: similar here / Bottoms: Nordstrom (in Silver Slate Nouveau Print)

Which of these items will you have to add to your summer essentials list? Share in the comments what some of your summer essentials are!

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